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Composition competition

Every other year, Multiphonic proposes a composition competition open to all without age restriction.

This competition follows the concept of Multiphonic: the composer will propose a creation freely inspired by the chosen piece.

There is no question of composing “in the manner of”, or proposing an arrangement.

It will be an original creation in a contemporary musical language. Extensive playing modes and techniques may be used, to the exclusion of all electronic processes.

This competition will be presided over by a well-known personality in contemporary music creation.

For the first edition, which will be awarded in the autumn of 2024, the competition will be based on the great composer Gabriel Fauré, whose death will be celebrated one hundred years ago, and the poet Paul Verlaine, a native of Metz: the melodies composed by Fauré on Verlaine’s poems will be the reference works from which the candidates will be able to draw to propose their contemporary interpretation.


(Scores and texts)

Gabriel Fauré

There will be 3 prizes
1st Prize: €1,000
2nd Prize: €750
3rd Prize: €500

Paul Verlaine