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Composition competition​

Every other year, Multiphonic offers a composition competition open to all without age restrictions. This competition will follow the concept of Multiphonic, that is to say: from an imposed work, create a composition using for example the structure of the piece or references specific to it without making a copy. The idea is to extract musical material and give it a personal vision with a degree of free proximity and respecting the nomenclature defined for each competition.

This competition will be chaired by a recognized personality in current creative music.

For the first edition, whose prizes will be awarded in the fall of 2024, the competition will be centered around the great composer Gabriel Fauré, whose death will be the centenary, and the poet Paul Verlaine, native of Metz: the melodies composed by Fauré on poems by Verlaine will be the reference works from which the candidates will be able to draw to propose their contemporary rereading.

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Gabriel Fauré

Ce concours sera doté de 3 prix
1er Prix : 1 000€
2e Prix : 750€
3e Prix : 500€

Pour connaître en détails les modalités du concours, téléchargez le documents Concours Multiphonic.

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Paul Verlaine